Decorative Eggs

Author:  Candace Ord Manroe

Edition:  1st

Format:  Large format hardcover

Pages:  112          

Language:  English

Illustrations:  many, color

Publisher:  Michael Freedman Publishing Group (New York, 1992)

Availability:  Out of print

Acquired:  Amazon (reseller)


This is, quite simply, a coffee table book, but a very nice one.  The cover shown above has been truncated, as it would not fit onto my scanner in its entirety. It has no pretensions to scholarship, and is mostly lavish illustrations with a bit of text.  Ord Manroe has written many books, mostly on home decor, and this one fits in well with them.

Ord Manroe presents decorated eggs from around the world, chosen for their aesthetic value.  She has a large section with every egg you can imagine: porcelain, jade, candy, brass, ivory, cloisonné, onyx, enamel, glass.... 

There is a chapter on Easter egg traditions, and a large section on Eastern European eggs, with exclusively Ukrainian and Lithuanian designs.  She also includes a chapter on Faberge eggs, as well as a short how-to chapter, with several pages each on pysanky and Pace eggs.

Eggs wrapped in cotton and ready for immersion in natural onion-skin dye

The instructions for the Pace eggs (called “lystovky” in Ukraine) are quite detailed, and have inspired me to try my hand at this ancient form of egg decoration.......soon.

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