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Books in this section are those written in English (and other non-Slavic languages) on the subject of pysanky and other forms of egg decoration.  They range from scholarly works on traditional folk design to how-to instruction books. Also included are English-language books used by me as sources of or inspirations for designs.

  1. 1.Brander, Joan.  About the Pysanka–It Is Written!  Richmond, BC: Baba’s Beeswax, 2007

  2. 2.Buttafuoco, Grazia and Dede Varetto.  Great Book of Egg Decorating  New York: Sterling Publishing Company,1998 

  3. 3.Dmitriw, Olya (editor).  Ukrainian Arts  New York: Ukrainian Youth’s League of North America, 1955

  4. 4.Elyjiw, Zenon.  Sixty Score of Easter Eggs  USA: Self-published, 1994

  5. 5.Ference, Cecelia.  Making Ukrainian Pysanky  Self published, 1983

  6. 6.Lesiv, Mariya. From Ritual Object To Art Form: The Ukrainian Easter Egg Pysanka In Its Canadian Context  Folklorica: Vol 12 (2007)  pp. 1-32  Print,  PDF

  1. 7.Manko, Vira  The Ukrainian Folk Pysanka  L’viv: Svichado Publishing, 2005

  2. 8.Manroe, Candace Ord.  Decorative Eggs  New York : Michael Freedman Publishing Group, 1992

  3. 9.Markovyc, Pavlo.  Rusyn Easter Eggs from Eastern Slovakia  Vienna: Wilhelm Braumüller Universitäts-Verlagsbuchhandlung Gmbh.  1987

  4. 10.Newall, Venetia. An Egg at Easter: A Folklore Study  London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1984

  5. 11.Osadca, Tanya.  Pysanky and their Symbols  New York: The Ukrainian Museum, 1980 (bilingual)

  6. 12.Parsons, Gail and Emily Vieyra. Pysanka Patterns and Designs  Gilsum, NH: Stemmer House, 2006 

  7. 13.Pollak, Jane.  Decorating Eggs–Exquisite Designs with Wax & Dye  New York: Sterling Publishing Company,1998

  8. 14.Selivachov, Mykhailo.  Folk Designs of Ukraine  Doncaster, Australia: Bayda Books, 1995

  9. 15.Serediak, Cristina.  La magia de las pysanky (The Magic of pysanky)  Buenos Aires: Lumen, 2009

  10. 16.Surmach, Yaroslava.  Ukrainian Easter Eggs  New York: Surma, 1995

  11. 17.Szutor, Gabriella.  The Art of Decorating Eggs  Tunbridge Wells, UK: Search Press Ltd., 2004

  12. 18.Tkachuk, Mary  et al.  Pysanka: Icon of the Universe  Saskatoon: Ukrainian Museum, 1977

  13. 19.Veronica, Sr.  Pysanky: Herkunft und Bedeutung der ukrainischen Ostereier (Pysanka: The Origin and Meaning of Ukrainian Easter Eggs)  Berne:  Verlag Paul Haupt, 1982

  14. 20.Wichorek, Martha  How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs  Detroit: Self-published, 1975

  15. 21.Wichorek, Michel and Martha  Ukrainians in Detroit: November 1955  Detroit: Self-published, 1955

  16. 22.Wichorek, Michel and Martha  Ukrainians in Detroit: November 1968  Detroit: Self-published, 1968

  17. 23.Wolynetz, Lubow K.  The Tree of Life, the Sun, the Goddess: Symbolic Motifs in Ukrainian Folk Art  New York: The Ukrainian Museum, 2005

Note:  Books which are mostly in Ukrainian, but which may have an introduction or limited amounts of text translated into English, have been placed in the Ukrainian section.  Fully bilingual books are mentioned in both sections.  Books available in multiple languages will be noted in all appropriate sections, if I own multiple copies of the book; if not, mention of the availability of other books will be made.

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