Literary References


There are references to to pysanky in Ukrainian literature, and the pysanka is a metaphor for what is beautiful.  The best known is by Shevchenko, in his poem «Княжа» (Princess), where he compares an idyllic Ukrainian village ("selo") to a pysanka:

Село! І серце одпочине:

Село на нашій Україні —

Неначе писанка, село.

Зеленим гаєм поросло.

Цвітуть сади, біліють хати,

А на горі стоять палати,

Неначе диво. А кругом

Широколистії тополі,

А там і ліс, і ліс, і поле,

І сині гори за Дніпром.

Сам Бог витає над селом.

A village! And my heart can rest:

A village in our Ukraine––

A village like a pysanka.

Overgrown with a grove of trees.

The orchards in blossom, the houses white

On the hill there stand palaces

like wonders/marvels.  And all around

Wide-leafed poplars

and there forest, forest, and a field.

Blue hills across the Dnipro

God himself wanders about the village.


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A postcard from the early XIX century; village of Monastyrs’ke

Literary References