Pysanka History


Pysankarstvo has probably been an activity associated in Ukraine with the the coming of spring and the vernal equinox since ancient times, although no one can be certain when the tradition began. 

It has evolved in recent years from a simple folk tradition with talismanic importance to a complex decorative art, and the pysanka itself has become a Ukrainian national symbol.

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An outline of pysanka history:

                Ancient Ukraine:  The Neolithic Era Trypillian Culture and after
Kyivan Rus‘: Medieval Slavic Empire

                        Ceramic Pysanky from Kyivan Rus’
                The Christian Era

                Lviv Pysanka: The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Baturyn Pysanka: The Kozak Era of Mazepa
Literary References
                Modern Times:

                        Urbanization and Market Pysankarstvo

                        19th and 20th Century Ethnography
Soviet Era
Ukrainian Diaspora (North America)

Ukrainian Diaspora (Brazil)
                Independent Ukraine: 1991 and after

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An ovoid building dating to 1000 BC (Chernivets’ka oblast)

A History of the Pysanka