The pysanky on this page are copies of those found in Vira Manko’s book “The Ukrainian Folk Pysanka,” which was published in 2005 in Lviv.  I have tried to exclude those pysanky which are also found in Onyshchuk’s or Zielyk’s books, but haven’t always succeeded.

Manko’s book has 1461 different traditional pysanky from all regions of Ukraine.  On this page I am including only those from Kyivshchyna and no other identifying data; those known towns and/or oblasts will be included in the sections for those oblasts.

When known, I have included the local names of the pysanky and their translations; I have also included Table (Plate) and photo number for each pysanka.

  Zielyk        Manko 2

Vira Manko

Віра Манько

  Zielyk        Manko 2

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