The pysanky on this page are copies of those found in Sofiyka Zielyk’s book «Пише Писанки Бабиня, Пише Мама, Пишу Я» (My Grandmother Writes Pysanky, My Mother Writes Pysanky, and So Do I).  This booklet was published in 1992 in Kyiv. In it she had photos of 7 traditional pysanky from Kyivshchyna, and one krapanka.  Two were also found in Onyshchuk’s earlier book, so have not been included here, as they can be found on the preceding page.

  Onyshchuk        Manko


Sofiyka Zielyk

Софійка Зєлик

  Onyshchuk        Manko

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