The small region of Sokal, located between Volyn and Halychyna, is an ethnographically very distinct area.  Its embroideries and pysanky are quite different from those of their neighbors.

The women of Sokal created very intricately ornamented floral pysanky.  These are not simple garlands, but riotously decorated masses of flowers and leaves.  An example, taken from Zenon Elijiw’s book, is shown here:

These two different pysanky, with the last three images being different views of the same egg.  The flowers are not simple abstracted archetypes, as on some traditional pysanky, but big, fantastic depictions of spring blooms.

I’ve included several pysanky that are of this type.  The first is actually a copy of a traditional pysanka from Sokal. The others are pysanky where flowers fill the entire field of the egg.

The light blue eggs are favorites of mine.  They are created by making a pysanka in the usual fashion, and then removing the darkest color either by washing with Simple Green or a “Mr. Clean” sponge. The egg is then dyed in UGS “Light Blue,”  which will take in a light manner and give a pastel finish.

  Vinok      Zoomorphic


Floral Profusion

Sandro Botticelli  “Primavera (Spring)”

  Vinok      Zoomorphic

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