My Modern Pysanky


The pysanky in this section, as I noted on a previous page, are pysanky which are largely traditional in theme and in method, and use traditional motifs, but may use modern colors and have some nontraditional design elements. Some are updated versions of true traditional pysanky, others are completely new and original designs. 

This type of pysanka is sometimes referred to as diasporan, made by “overseas” Ukrainians, but is now often found in Ukraine as well. I refer to them sometimes as “quasi-traditional.” 

I’ve tried to note the sources of the patterns when known/remembered.  Some of the eggs date back to the 70s, so it is not always an simple matter. Even when I do recall the source, copies are never exact.  The dyes may take differently, a different type of stylus used, small mistakes may be made, there are differences in skill and technique, substitutions may be purposely made––in the end, a pysanka may look quite different from its model. The pysanky in this section are divided up by the major motif of each pysanka. Some background is given for each category and each design (if known).

The pysanky in this section are divided into groupings based on the main motif of the pysanka. I have used the same division that I did to explain symbolism in pysanky, but  you should remember that, technically, the interpretation of symbols only really applies to traditional pysanky, as they contain messages and themes that have been handed down over countless generations.  Modern pysanky utilize these age old symbols, but for decorative (rather than talismanic) purposes. To see true traditional folk designs, go here.

The pysanky in this section are a grab-bag of types––slightly modified traditional designs, true diasporan pysanky copied from books, postcards or the web, and a few that I’ve made up myself. I have a list of sources (with abbreviations) on the next page, although I don’t always stick to them precisely.  (If I vary, it’s to give MORE information rather than less). 

These are my modern pysanky.  Some can be found on other pages on this site: in my annual collections, among my old pysanky, or in my friends’ and relatives’ pysanka galleries. (The pysanky may be presented in many more views on those pages.)  I have gathered them all together here for the convenience of other pysanka makers who might want to copy them, or just those who want to peruse a lot of modern pysanky.

This is a work in progress, for two reasons.  One is that it takes time to sort through some several thousand photos.  The other is because I am always working on new pysanky, so there will always be a need to add new eggs to these pages......although I have been writing fewer and fewer diasporan/non-traditional designs as the years have gone by.  Most of my non-traditional work is now on goose eggs or brown eggs.




                Vazon Motifs

                Tree and Leaf motifs

                Pussy Willow motifs

                Wheat motifs

                Vegetable motifs

                Fruit motifs

                Simple Flower motifs

                Fancy Flower motifs

                Sunflower motifs

                Poppy motifs               

                Floral variations

                Vinok motifs

                Sokal floral motifs



                Fish motifs

                Bird motifs

                Insect motifs

                Mammal motifs


                Star motifs

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