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I am a strong supporter of checklists.  In medicine we use them all the time.  A landmark study, done in Michigan in 2004, showed that using checklists decreased the rate of IV line infections to zero. Checklists were instituted in many other aspects of medicine, especially those involving complicated procedures with lost of steps and multiple participants.

And checklists have been standard in aviation for years.

I myself have created them for all sorts of reasons, but mostly to do with travel and with pysanka classes.  It’s so easy to forget to pack an item or two, and not realize it until you are on the road or in pysanka class.

This is my “long list” which has just about anything I might possibly need for class, and room to write in items.  I will print it out, and then cross off what I don’t need, and add quantities to the second column as needed.

Not all classes require every item on the list; few do, actually. If I’m going to be mixing up fresh dyes in or before class, I will bring an electric kettle. I usually have pens, scotch tape, scissors, and sharpies with me (to label dyes and egg cartons) , along with extra reading glasses.  The Windex is for table clean up, if the place I will be teaching might not have it available.

If we will be working with emptied eggs, I will bring drinking glasses and a plastic pitcher (to hold water to fill them with), and won’t need the Blas-fix, syringe, needles etc. I usually only bring the latter if I am teaching abroad.

Below is a link to a pdf of my list; feel free to use it; but I would suggest creating one of your own, suited to your own classes. 

Pysanka Class Supplies Checklist

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Why checklists?