Teaching Pysankarstvo:



The students are instructed to bring their pysanky to me after they have finished removing the wax.  I will then remove the residual wax and give the pysanka a bit of “shine.”

I first look over the egg, and make sure that the wax has been pretty much removed.  If there are still large areas of wax, I will usually send the student back to finish removing it, if they seem capable. If there is still a  little, or it is a very young student, I will use my candle to remove any remaining wax.

Once the wax has been mostly removed, I will clean the egg with a solvent.  I generally use mineral spirits, on a tissue or soft paper towel (e.g. Viva), and will gently rub the egg. (I don’t allow the students to do this because most such solvents are quite flammable and shouldn’t be inhaled.)  This should remove any residual wax and soot.

If I will be taking the pysanka home to varnish, I place it safely in an egg carton for transportation to my house.  If the the will be going home directly with the participant, I will place a small dab of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the egg and roll it in my hand to coat it thinly and evenly.  I’ll then use a soft paper towel to rub the pysanka and remove the excess.  This provides a nice sheen to the egg (as on the pysanky below), and should protect it against water damage. It will be placed into a secure egg carton until it is time to go home.

I keep all the finished pysanky in a secure/closed egg carton, or an egg flat in a safe location, until the end of class.  Some students write more than one pysanka, and this decreases the risk of their finished egg rolling to the floor and breaking while they are working on another one.

FINISHED EGGS:  Once an egg is finished (pattern completed and wax removed by the student), I will set it off to the side either in an egg carton, or an egg flat. It will be safe here until the end of class.

If the students will be taking their eggs home with them, I will check the egg over, give it a nice clean with GooGone or Odorless Mineral Spirits, and then give it a light coating of vaseline and buff it. Once class is finished, we will pack them up nicely for the student to take home. 

If I will be taking the eggs home, I will clean them up and varnish them there.  In either case, the pysanky will be safe until the end of class.

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