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Packaging Pysanky


At the end of class, pysanky need to be safely packaged so your students can transport them home safely.  This is much simpler when using emptied eggs, as there is no worry about cracking with leakage of egg yolk and white, but both full and emptied eggs should be properly packaged.

The simplest way of doing this is by using coffee cups with lids.  These can be purchased relatively inexpensively almost everywhere.  If you buy in bulk, you can get plain 12 ounce ones for about 25 cents.  They come in larger sizes, too, which can be useful if your students will be writing multiple pysanky each.

Each individual pysanka should be “swaddled” with a paper towel or tissue; I roll the paper towel around the egg as if making a holubets or burrito.  You can see the process below: the egg is place on the corner of a piece of paper towel, and rolled up about a third of the way.  First the right side is folded over to the middle, then the left, and then the egg is rolled up the rest of the way.

The rolled up pysanka can then be placed in your coffee cup, and the lid closed to secure it.

If there is a lot of room left in the cup, as above, more cushioning can be placed in the cup, especially if the eggs are full eggs (not emptied).  Wadded up paper towel will work well for this.

Another way to safely transport pysanky is in small plastic storage containers.  I have two sources for these.  One is recycling lidded plastic containers.  It is best to use sturdy ones, especially with full eggs.  General Foods International Coffee containers are good for this, and fit one egg comfortably, and two large chicken eggs, if empty, in a pinch (although I would avoid this if possible).  In the past, these tins were metal, and great for shipping pysanky by mail; nowadays they are plastic, so a bit less sturdy, but still quite good.

Sour cream or similar containers, as long as they are deep enough to fit an egg with padding, can be used, too. I would not recommend them for packing in luggage or backpacks, but for careful hand carriage they should be fine.

If you wish to purchase plastic containers in bulk, store like the Dollar Tree are a good source.  They often will have sets of plastic food storage containers available; you need to make sure they are deep enough to safely store an egg.  I find the rectangular shaped ones (as opposed to round or square) to be best, and these are my favorite:

The selection in stores varies; when they have these in stock, I usually buy lots.  In any event, they can be ordered by the case.  One egg, even loosely wrapped, fits quite well in here:

I find that this size of container holds two large chicken eggs, if well wrapped, comfortably.  You can see two wrapped egg, inserted vertically, fit well side-by-side:



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