In the heartland of Ukraine, in the Dnipropetrovsk area, among the wheat fields of Ukraine, lies the small village of Petrykivka.  It is here that a unique school of decorative painting developed back in Kozak times, and flourishes to this day.

The Petrykivka style first developed as a form of wall painting–women would apply floral designs to the whitewashed wall of their houses with broad strokes of bright paints. Later these same designs were applied to all sorts of household goods–spoons, trays, chests, plates. 

The Petrykivka style of painting, «Петриківський Розпис», is characterized by birds and plants executed in bold strokes of bright colors.  Flowers and berries predominate. It has been adapted in more modern times to paper, canvas and wooden eggs.

  Hutsul Wood     White


Петриківський Розпис

  Hutsul Wood     White

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