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Egg-Cessories pysanka dyes were originally  produced by a couple in British Columbia, and there were 13 colors altogether:
















Bright Red


Wine Red









Some dyes were similar to the standard UGS dyes, and some were quite different.  Their Gold, for instance, was much more stable than the UGS version, but not quite as intensely colored.

This was the original packaging:

Luckily, the company was purchased by Kathy Schoenfelder-Verrelli of Toronto, who has reenergized the business and added many new products to the store’s inventory, while continuing to produce the older ones.

Ukrainian EggCessories has increased their dyes from 13 to 20 pysanka colors, and the new dyes are being packaged with 1 tsp of dye powder in each envelope.  They used to be packaged by weight (1g), now they are packaged by volume.  This means some dye powder packs now have double the dye powder which gives a faster and richer dye; i.e. there is no need to double up dye packs. 

Kathy has also given all the dyes Canadian themed names, which can be a bit confusing for those of us for whom cream soda is not a shocking pink color and Yukon Gold is a variety of potato.  It was nice of her to name a color after my niece, though!

#01 Canola Yellow 
#02 Tofino Sunset (orange)
#03 Glowing Hearts (scarlet)
#04 Orca Black 
#05 Okanagan Wine 
#06 Niagara Blue (medium blue)
#07 Cream Soda Pink 
#08 Laurentian Green 
#09 Crown Purple 
#10 Glacier Turquoise 
#11 Magenta Fireweed 
#12 Beaver Brown 
#13 Yukon Gold 
#14 Huron Blue (dark blue)
#15 Kalyna Red (deep red)
#16 Sweetgrass  (chartreuse)
#17 Sacred Amaranth 
#18 Borealis Green  (yellow green)
#19 Monarch Orange (pumpkin)
#20 Viking Violet 

The pink color, old and new versions, does not have vinegar added.  And there is also an unnumbered “Cleansing Orange” dye, which I assume is vinegar free and will be good for doing an orange rinse.

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