Pysanky Showcase


Black & Orange Dyes

#04 — Black

#28 — Pearl Grey

#27 — Orange

#14 — Pumpkin Orange

Blue Dyes

#02 — Brilliant Aquamarine (7 sec-dip ,see Brilliants below)

#08 — Dark Blue (slate)

#24 — Blueberry (a beautiful deep blue)

#26 — Navy Blue

#32 — Royal Blue

#36 — Brilliant Turquoise (7 sec-dip, see Brilliants below)

Purple Dyes

#01 — Aubergine (eggplant)

#03 — Bengal Rose (hot pink)

#03 — Bengal Rose (hot pink)

            (short dip)

#21 — Magenta

#21 — Magenta

            (use 3-second dip for lavender)

#38 — Violet

Pink Dyes

#29 — Plum Rose (purple-pink)

#20 — Lily Rose (coral-pink)

#33 — Rubine (dusty rose)

#33 — Rubine (dusty rose)

            (short dip)

#37 — Violamine (red-violet)

Red Dyes

#22 — Maroon (a true maroon)

#30 — Red (a bit deeper than scarlet)

#11 — Dark Red (a beautiful, rich dark red)

#34 — Scarlet

Brown & Yellow Dyes

#09 — Dark Brown (chestnut)

#19 — Light Brown (beige)

#19 — Light Brown (beige)

            (short dip)

#13 — Golden Brown (softer brown, golden)

#15 — Apricot Gold (good autumn leaf color)

#18 — Lemon Yellow (light yellow)

#35 — Topaz Yellow (pale yellow)

Green Dyes

#10 — Dark Green (true dark green with no blue in it)

#12 — Kelly Green

#16 — Jade Green (blue green with blue tone predominate)

#17 — Teal Green (green blue with green tone predominate)

#25 — Apple Green (light yellow-green)

#23 — Olivine (olive green)


             Brilliant Dyes

#05 — Brilliant Blue (a true blue)

#02 — Aquamarine (bright blue with a hint of green)

#31 — Rhodamine (brilliant rose)

#06 — Brilliant Violet

#07 — Brilliant Yellow

#36 — Turquoise (blue with shades of green)

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A Modern Rainbow

Patty Wiszuk-De Angelo, a modern pysanka artist,  has created her own line of pysanka dyes, with a much larger range of colors than are found in traditional pysanky.  They are aniline (acid) dyes, and mixed up in the usual manner (app. 1 cup boiling water and 1 tablespoon vinegar per packet of dye).

I’ve purchased a set of her dyes, but have only begun to experiment with them.  I do like her Golden Brown (#13 below), as it gives a nice, full brown without a tendency towards becoming almost black when dark (as the more traditional dyes do).

The color swatches below are taken off of her website, Pysanky Showcase, where you should go if you want to order her dyes.  The colors may look quite different on eggs––shells vary, monitors vary, and layering colors will affect the perceived color as well.

These dyes won’t be of too much use to you if you are simply making traditional pysanky, but, if you want to branch out a bit and experiment with original designs, you might consider giving them a try.