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Wax Art Supply introduced a new line of dyes in 2010, and I’ve not had a chance yet to try them all out.  I have mixed up the black, and really like it.  It seems to be less red than other pysanka dyes, and gives a great deep, dark black finish.

Other colors have worked variably for me–the yellow is nice enough, but just an average lemon yellow color.  Some of the non-basic colors have had a short shelf life, precipitating out quickly. I find these dyes to be an addition to my color set, rather than being my primary dyes.

There are currently 20 36 colors in the Wax Art Supply “traditional dye” line.  They also sell “Kid Safe” dyes, which are food coloring (albeit in bright, vivid colors) and meant to be used on krashanky.

One thing to keep in mind about Wax Art dyes–they do not necessarily cover previous dyes well.  Many of the dyes appear to be made in mind for those egg artists who wash off dyes between coats rather than using color progression (layering of dyes).

These are the original 20 colors:




    Harvest Orange



    Bright Pink

    Harvest Green



    Turquoise Blue


    Denim Blue

    Peacock Blue

    Teal Blue



    Nutmeg Brown



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