“Eye of the Needle”



The pysanka shown above is a non-traditional and very lovely version of the Sakvy division, which is often referred to as “The Eye of the Needle.”  If you look closely, you can make out the basic division; the edges have been rounded, and “strap” has become a wide set of decorative bands that wrap sinuously around the egg.

The process is much too difficult to describe with a few simple diagrams.  Instead, watch Lorrie Popow, who wrote the pysanka above, describe how to create the division:






(Direct link here, in case the video does not play for you)  The pysanky below are a few more examples of this division; they were written by David Bontreger, who learned his technique from pysankarka Helen Badulak.  She is credited with giving this version of the division its name.


This version is by Adriana Wrzesniewski, and is a design she has been writing for many years. She has provided two views of the pysanka:


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Note:  photos and video © Lorrie Popow, David Bontreger and Wrzesniewski. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction prohibited without expressed consent. 


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