The Rules of Dyeing


A few basics of dyeing with acid/aniline dyes:

  1. 1.The color of the powdered dye is not necessarily the same as the color of the dissolved dye.

  2. 2.The color of the dye solution is not necessarily the same as the color it will dye eggs.

  3. 3.Not all eggs dye equally in the same dye solution. The characteristics of the egg shell, the color of the egg shell, and the colors of previous dye baths will all affect the final color.

  4. 4.It take at least a tablespoon of added dye to change the color a jar of dye will dye an egg.  E.g. if you add a few drops of green dye to a jar of yellow dye, the dye will look light green but will still dye eggs a yellow color. If you add a tablespoon, you will create a new color.

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Playing with Aniline Dyes