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Northern Ukraine/Північна Україна


From the guide:  Case #3: Chernihiv, Poltava, Pidliashia  This case contains pysanky from several regions of Ukraine.  Most are from the north central regions of Chernihiv and Poltava.  The pysanky form Poltava are usually quite bright, with red or green backgrounds.  The pysanky from Poltava in this collection are darker, with many having dark red or black backgrounds.  Both regions favor plant motifs,  and large wave/bezkonechnyk motifs are common in Poltava.  Another popular type of pysanka in this region is the white pysanka, one that has been etched with vinegar back to a final white color. 

Can you spot the white pysanka?  Can you find a bezkonechnyk?  And can you find the pysanka with magpies?

A small number of the eggs are from Pidliashia, an ethnographic Ukrainian that is now in northwestern Poland. These are the 20 brightly colored, unvarnished pysanky in the bottom left corner of the case.  The designs are very linear, in white and/or yellow, and favor dots, dashes and spirals.

The pysanky in this case were written by Arnie Klein and me, Luba Petrusha.

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Case 3: Pysanky of Northern Ukraine

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