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Western Ukraine/Західна Україна


From the guide:  Lviv, Sokal, Nadsiannia  This case contains more western eggs, from the Lviv and Sokal regions, as well as Nadsiannia (Peremyshl region), which is now a part of Poland.  The eggs are simple and geometric.  With rare exceptions, a color scheme of red, yellow and black predominates.  The design motifs are largely agricultural: can you spot the windmills, rain clouds, and rakes?  There are also quite a few ruzha (eight-pointed stars) motifs. 

Can you find pysanky with a ruzha symbol?  What does it signify?

The pysanky in this case were written by Arnie Klein and me, Luba Petrusha.

  Case 3: North        Case 5: Lemko

Case 4: Pysanky of Lviv, Sokal and Nadsiannia

  Case 3: North        Case 5: Lemko

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