My Favorite Things:

Measuring Tape


When writing all but the simplest pysanky, it is often necessary to divide the egg (or parts of it) into several equal sections.  You could do this by eyeballing the egg, but it’s hard to be accurate.  A measuring tape makes it easy.

I don’t use a whole measuring tape--they’re long and unwieldy. SInce I work mostly with chicken eggs, I cut off a 7 inch segment from a measuring take and use that. It’s a long enough piece to go around most chicken eggs either longitudinally or equatorially.

I use this along with a small dollar store calculator.  I measure the area in question, then divide that number by the number of necessary segments and voila! I know how big each segment needs to be and can mark up the egg appropriately.  (Centimeters would be the easy way to go, but I’m old fashioned, and usually use eights of a inch......)

It’s such a simple thing, but makes my pysanka writing so much easier......

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