My Favorite Things


On the following pages are some of my favorite supplies–tools and what-not–used in writing pysanky. Below, arranged alphabetically and not by degree of affection, are links and brief descriptions.

Acid MagicA safe, non-irritating form of hydrochloric/muriatic acid that I use for etching eggs.  Useful when writing white pysanky.

Beeswax Candles: Pure beeswax candles are more expensive than paraffin, but smoke less and smell much nicer.

Candling ToolA true luxury, not a necessity, but this tool makes it easy to assess eggs for cracks in the shell.

Circle TemplatesTemplates, whether plastic or paper, make it much easier to create symmetric design elements, and place them on an egg.

Craft Lathe: A necessity for making even–and straight–longitudinal and horizontal divisions.

Electric Kettle: A quick and easy way of heating water for making dyes.........or a nice cup of tea.

Fantastix: a hard fiber brush that makes spot dyeing easy-peasy. Also useful for faux sgraffito eggs.

Goof-Off WipesThese wipes make pencil marks disappear as if by magic.  It is one item I would really hate to be without.

iPada high tech tool for displaying images of pysanky, including those in photos, pdfs and e-books.

Ivory Dish SoapThis old fashioned dish soap is the perfect thing for cleaning your eggs, and smells wonderful!

Lazy Susana low tech way of organizing pysankarstvo tool, including pysachky/styluses, pencils, brushes and markers.

Measuring Tapea low tech tool for making your divisions even, and placing your motifs symmetrically. Best if paired with a calculator.

Mechanical PencilIt always has a nice sharp point.  A must for writing divisions on an egg and otherwise marking it up.

Mineral Spirits: Useful for removing small wax errors, and for a final clean-up of residual wax and soot before varnishing.

Scotch-Brite Sponge: This high tech sponge has a cellulosic scrubber on one side, and a soft sponge on the other. Perfect for gently cleaning eggs.

Space Heater: Good for keeping your work space at the proper temperature and insuring proper wax adherence.

Strip/Spaghetti WaxDarkened wax cut into strips, wonderful for use in electric styluses.

Viva Paper TowelsThese cloth-like towels are great for patting dry pysanky after dyeing, and are quite reusable. A green solution.

Zip Loc “Twist’n Loc” Quart JarsA light, sturdy, non-fragile, leak-proof and stackable jar for storing dyes.

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