My Favorite Things:

Goof Off Wipes


NOTE: These are no longer being produced or sold.  I have a several year stash, and am looking for a replacement.  Will update if I find one.

Goof Off wipes have one purpose, and one purpose only, in pysankarstvo–removing pencil lines from a white egg.  And they do that job superlatively.  I have never found anything else that comes close.

I use these both in my studio and in classes.  I will use an entire wipe to clean off an egg before placing it in the first dyebath, to remove any smeared and remaining pencil marks. I also keep a jar of small pieces of wipes that I use to remove pencil lines if I goof up or change my mind.

I use them similarly in class.  I keep a jar with small pieces on each table (or a small bowl with a bit of water in it) so that students can erase their mistakes.  And, before any egg is dyed, my students bring them to me and I inspect them–design done, name on egg, no cracks–then I wipe them down to remove the excess pencil–and there can be a lot.

Be careful, though--DO NOT use these on dyed eggs; the wipes will nicely remove the color.  I’ve had students who didn’t pay attention, and some who were just experimenting, who have used the wipes on dye eggs and come up with some interesting backgrounds.

Do remember to dip the egg into a bit of vinegar water before dyeing–the dye will take better that way.

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