My Favorite Things:

iPad (Tablet)


I have lots of photos of pysanky, and lots of books on pysankarstvo in pdf form.  I tried for years to find a good way to access these in my studio.  I tried using an old laptop computer, and my old “iLamp” desktop. the first took up a lot of space; the second had a smaller footprint, but required a mouse--and sometimes a keyboard.  I figured that someday, when tablets would be real (instead of just talked about), that would be the perfect solution.

And it is.  I keep my iPad on a charging stand on my work table; I can easily conjure up just about any book on pysankarstvo, and enlarge the photos with a swipe of two fingers. I can look as the photo sets I’ve uploaded.  And I can go online and view photos on Facebook or other websites.

It is the device I dreamed of all those years ago.  Thank you, Steve.

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