Lemko Pysanky

Лемківські Писанки


The Lemky are a distinct Ukrainian ethnic group, many of whom have been scattered throughout the world, far from their Carpathian homeland.  Their handcrafts, and particularly their pysanky, are quite distinctive.  The Lemky have taken the drop-pull technique, mastered it and made it their own.

In this section I have included material about the Lemky, including those found in modern-day Slovakia, as well as photos of my feeble attempts at recreating their pysanky:

Лемківшина (Lemkivshchyna):  a history of the Lemko lands

        Geography:  where were the Lemko lands

        Ethnography:  about the Lemko people and their folkways

        Pysanky:  drop pull and linear batik

        Books:  books about Lemko pysanky

        Index:  books about Lemko pysanky

Лемкo pysanky:  photos of Lemko pysanky, including those that I have recreated



        Binyashevsky “World”




Пряшів (Priashiv): about Slovakian Lemkivshchyna

Пряшів pysanky:  photos of Lemko pysanky from the Priashiv region, including those that I have recreated


        Binyashevsky “World”



Exhibit:  photos of Lemko pysanky from an exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum in the spring of 2013.

If you are interested in this topic, more information can be found at this Lemko site.  In particular, they have a great section of downloadable books in PDF format here, as well as sheet music and lyrics of Lemko songs.


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