Пряшівські Писанки

Pysanky from Priashiv


Binyashevsky included eight Lemko pysanky from the Priashiv region of Slovakia in his book, twice as many as those from other Lemko areas (in Ukraine and Poland). Seven use the drop-pull technique, and one uses linear batik. There is no mixing here.

Binyashevsky may have had more pysanky from this regions because Lemky in Slovakia were relatively free to express their ethnic identities and engage in folk crafts, and thus there was more material available on the subject. Lemky in Poland has been suppressed, relocated and forcibly Polonized by the Polish government during the same period.  Those in Ukraine experienced forced Russification and suppression of pysankarstvo by the Soviet regime.

Shortly after Binyashevsky’s book was published, Markovych published his work “Pysanka,” about pysankarstvo in the Priashiv region. It was written in Ukrainian and published in Czechoslovakia. 

(Note: numbers indicate pages in Binyashevsky’ book; L and R refer to left and right placement on the page.)

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Ераст Біняшевський / Erast Binyashevsky

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