Pysanka Jewelry


Pysanka jewelry is of three kinds: jewelry which is made to resemble pysanky, jewelry that is made from pysanky, and jewelry that is inspired by pysanky.

Pysanka-like jewelry:  the lovely pendant above was created by Lobortas Classic Jewelry House in Kyiv. The pendant is gold, and has inlaid jewels and enamel-work. The shape and designs are those of traditional pysanky.  Their website is here, and they have a few pysanka-style pendants on the site, including a berehynia, but not the one above.

And this pin, sold by Yevshan, is a glass recreation of a pysanka:

Pysanka Jewelry from eggshells:  There are pysanka artists who create jewelry from pieces of eggshells. Sometimes they use pysanky which have broken; other times they create their pieces on intact (but perhaps imperfect) eggs and then cut them out.  The eggs used are usually larger and thicker shelled ones, such as ostrich, as the shell is a bit sturdier and has less curvature.

Shown here are a sampling of examples of pysanka jewelry I found at Etsy and other web sites. These are from the Enchanted Hen:

Pendant and earrings/brooch set from the Enchanted Hen shop

The other jewelry pictured here is by Amy Rich.  These pieces are craved from eggshells:


Pendants and earrings from Amy Rich’s shop

Some eggshell jewelry can be quite intricate and magnificent.  Below is a brooch created from an ostrich eggshell by So Jeo, one of the masters of the art:

Ostrich eggshell brooch by So Jeo

Pysanka Jewelry from small eggs: Pysanka jewelry can also be created using very small eggs like finch or parakeet eggs.  The shells of these eggs are very thin and fragile, and have to be reinforced.  Some artists fill the egg with a polymer; others apply multiple coats of a strong, protective finish.  The earrings below were made by So Jeo of British Columbia:


Pysanka earrings by So Jeo

Another interesting piece by So Jeo is this necklace, a sting of tiny pysanky.  It’s lovely, but I’d be afraid to wear it:

Pysanka necklace by So Jeo

Pysanka inspired jewelry:  The pins below are painted with designs inspired by actual pysanky.  They were made by blogger Nanette Thorelle, who describes her creative process on her blog here, and show the pysanky several of these designs were based on.



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