On these pages are odd pysanka-related objects that don’t seem to fit in anywhere else.  There are art, sculpture, architecture along with more mundane household goods, souvenirs, edibles and even napkins. I’ve divided them up thusly so far:

Coins : Examples of coins with pysanka motifs.  There aren’t many.

Stamps : A variety of stamps, Ukrainian and other, with pysanky (or other Ukrainian eggs) in the designs.

Art : Paintings and drawings which include pysanky.

Vytynanky : Paper cutwork which incorporates pysanky into its designs.

Embroidery : Needlework which incorporates pysanky into its designs.

Sweets : Cakes, cookies and candies decorated to look like pysanky.

Big Pysanky : Examples of huge pysanky around the world, from Vegreville in Canada to Drohobych in western Ukraine

Jewelry : Baubles, bangles and bright shiny adornments either inspired by or actually made from pysanky

Kitchen : Kitchenware and other goods decorated with pysanky.

Fashion : DId Gucci create a clothing line inspired by pysanky?  Perhaps.

Other : Odd souvenirs and other objects that don’t quite fit into any of the other categories above.

Not all of these pages have actual content yet, but most do.  If you have any interesting pysankiana, I would love to see it.  Contact me at the link below.

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