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I suppose it’s only natural that Ukrainian bakers would be tempted to recreate pysanky in another medium, a more edible one, and they have.  The cake above was created by my cousin-in-law Wendy, a Ukrainian by marriage, for our family Easter dinner in 2009.  It has a nice vazon arrangement with deer: the sun and the tree of life.  What could be more paganly spring-like?

The huge torte was created by the Ukrainian bakery at the Nadia Hotel in Ivano-Frankivsk for Easter.

It looks tasty enough–how can you go wrong with chocolate cake?

Another attractive pysanka cake is shown below.  It is from My Brother’s Bakery, and Ginny, the baker, is currently working at the Dagsboro Cafe in Delaware. 

There are also pysanka cookies out there, apparently, as can be seen in this photo. 

This baker has a blog, and on it gives step-by-step instructions for creating these tasty looking cookies.  It’s all a matter of icing, edible pearls, toothpicks, and a steady hand:


Lastly, you can satisfy your pysanka sweet tooth with chocolate pysanky.  These are not the usual chocolate eggs, but fancy indulgences:

They look delicious, and can be found at this site and many others.

This lovely chocolate pysanka was created in Uzhhorod, Zakarpattya oblast in 2009 by Balentyn Shtefanyo.  It required 22.5 kilograms (about 50 pounds) of fine French chocolate to create. The pysanka is written with white chocolate.

A much smaller and simpler set of chocolate pysanky are shown below. They are arranged with a handful of real leaves on top of a babka of some sort, and the pearls spell out «ХВ», which stands for the Ukrainian Easter greeting «Христос Воскрес» (Christ is risen).

While not technically a pysanka, the Easter egg below is made of chocolate and quite big.  It required the skills of  26 master chocolatiers, eight days and fifty thousand praline chocolate bars to create.  Guylian, the world’s  leading manufacturer of Belgian chocolate, made the egg sculpture to celebrate the renovation of Belgium’s largest market square in Sint Niklaas, Belgium.

This incredible Easter egg stood 27 feet 3 inches tall and 21 feet wide, and weighed 4,299 lbs. I am unaware of its fate, but I hope it was a delicious one.

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