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On this page are odd bits of “Pysankiana” that just don’t fit any of the other categories

Ukrainian Easter Basket:  Just in time for Easter 2010 Yevshan has this instant Ukrainian Easter basket kit.  Perfect for the new Ukrainian homemaker, it comes with “A sturdy, heavy oval wicker basket , glazed in mahogany varnish.... Included inside are instructions: how to prepare the basket to be blessed (in English), a machine-embroidered cross- stitch basket cover, 2 packages of egg sleeves, an Easter traditions book (in English), an embroidery design candle, a brochure about Easter and Vesnianky (in Ukrainian) and 2 hand painted wooden pysanky.”

Just add paska, sausage and krashanky and you’re all set!

Pysanka Soap: I found this on line a while ago, and still haven’t figured it out.  The illustration has nothing to do with pysanky, nor do the ingredients:

Handmade using traditional cold-process techniques in Portland, Oregon, Arcana Soaps are some of the most interesting, wonderfully textured and delightful soaps we've ever found. A heart of creamy chocolate and fresh Ukrainian apple is lightly decorated with sunflowers, white hollyhock, blue chamomile, tender spring grass, and a drop of golden citrus. Enriched with Fair Trade shea butter, coconut milk, ivory clay and organic cacao beans.

Pysanka Keychain: several years ago, a couple of the girls at camp gave me a lovely little key chains with a miniature pysanka on it.  They must have bought it from one of the vendors at the basa.  It hangs from my architect’s lamp on my pysanka workshop.  recently I found this sort of keychain on line.

Yevshan has some even nicer ones, made of carved wood instead of painted:

Chicken Eggs: I found these en route to looking for something else.  Oh, well.  Serendipity, I guess.  A woman in Ukraine has come up with this variation on the beaded pysanka (biserka). 

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