Washed eggs drying on a dish towel

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

–  Benjamin Franklin

"Chance favors the prepared mind."

   –  Louis Pasteur

“Be prepared!”

  –  Scout motto

It is so much easier to do anything if you’ve prepared properly.  Before starting to make pysanky it is best if you have studied up on the technique a bit (i.e. read instructions and perhaps watched a video or demonstration), chosen a pattern, gathered your supplies, and prepared your work area and eggs.

In this section, the subjects covered include all of the following:

                    Gather Supplies

                    Prepare a Work Space

                    Work Surface

                    Preparing Dyes            

                    Select and Prepare Eggs

                            Inspecting eggs

                            Cleaning eggs

                            Emptying eggs

                            Rinsing out eggs

                            Draining and drying out eggs

                            Sealing emptied eggs for dyeing

                            Storing prepared eggs

                            Handling eggs

                    Select a Design

                            Traditional Designs

                            Non-Traditional Designs

                    Fire Safety


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