Pumpkin Eggs

Step by Step


Making a pumpkin egg like the one above is quite easy.  There is not much writing or even coloring in involved, and the only vaguely special technique is a bit of spot dyeing. 

I make these using small chicken eggs, but any size will work.  Avoid brown eggs, though, as the colors will come out muddy.  All eggs should be clean, dry and at room temperature.  Candle your egg before starting to check for cracks in the shell.

On the following pages you can see how to make this simple design, beginning with pencil lines, and finishing with step by step waxing and dyeing.

Drawing in the pencil lines.

Waxing in the white lines.

Cleaning off the pencil lines.

Waxing in the yellow lines.

Waxing in the green lines.

Finishing the pumpkin egg.

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