1464 Взірці Українських Народних Писанок

(1464 Ukrainian Folk Pysanka Patterns)

Author:  Віра Манько (Vira Manko)

Edition:  1st

Format:  Folder with loose sheets

Pages:   40         

Language: Ukrainian

Illustrations:  38 color plates

Publisher:  Svichado  (L’viv, Ukraine, 2007)

Availability:  limited (out of print)

Acquired:  Ukraine

This publication does not contain any new material; it is merely a reprinting of the color plates from the Ukrainian edition of Vira Manko’s “Ukrainian Folk Pysanka.”  They are a useful addition to any pysankarka’s library, as, by their very nature, they are much easier to work with (and copy from) that the book.

The folder itself has basic instructions, taken from the book, and several simple illustration.  There is a source list for the pysanky on the first loose page, the rest are color plates.  

There are, altogether, 38 full-color plates with pysanky from very region of Ukraine:

While the individual pysanky are fairly small, they are usually big enough to see all the details clearly. The author produced this set of plates to aid pysanka makers and to keep the old patterns alive.

Those wishing to purchase this set of plates are advised to search out the second edition, which has the same title except without the “1464”: « Взірці Українських Народних Писанок».

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