Волинська Писанка

The Volynian Pysanka

Author А. Українець (A. Ukrayinets’)

Illustrator:  О. Лаворик (O. Lavoryk)

Edition:  1st

Format:  Portfolio

Pages:  7          

Language:  Ukrainian

Illustrations:  Color Prints

Publisher:   Sadyba Valevs’kykh (Rivne, Ukraine, 2000)

Availability:  Out of Print

Acquired: Gift


I was given this small folio by a friend from Rivne, a woman who taught arts in a school there.  I have never seen it elsewhere; it is a folio of traditional pysanka designs published by a small publisher in that city.

The folio has 10 plates depicting 10 different traditional Volynian pysanky.  Each plate has a black and white outline of the design (suitable for coloring), as well as a colored in version.  Two of these colored pysanky are shown below:


No further provenance or other information about the pysanky is given in the text.

The text included briefly describes pysanka-making, and includes information about pysanka traditions and history as well as Binyashevsky’s basic pysanka divisions.  The Binyashevsky drawing illustrating these divisions is included.

It’s a useful little folio which provided me with 10 new Volynian designs (plus an old favorite–the berehynia–on the cover).  The completed pysanky made from these drawings can be viewed here.

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