Pysanka Links


Pysanka Links


The following pages of list of pysanka links are by no means meant to be exhaustive and complete.  If you want a really big list, Dr. Myron Hlynka of the University of Windsor has one on his web site.  It is long and inclusive, and there is no need for me to repeat his work.  (Sadly, his server has crashed in late 2008 and he can no longer update his site.)

Rather, this is a listing of sites I have found useful or I have enjoyed.  I have tried to include the better sites that I have found––when visually oriented, those with the best photos (not the grainy low resolution stuff ), and, when information oriented, those that offer the most accurate and most complete information. I’ve also tried to offer a huge variety of sites dealing with Ukrainian (and Slavic) egg decoration.

I have moved my links to a separate section (here) because the original Links page was getting too big and taking too long to both upload (me) and download (you).  I’ve divided that really long page into several themed pages instead.  You can click on the links below to reach the various pages.


                MAIN Links Page

                Instruction and Technique (Pysankarstvo) Links

                Pysanka Supplies Links

                Pysanka Books Links

                Symbolism Links

                Pysanka Photo Links  

                Ukrainian Pysanky Links

                Museum Links

                Pysanky Around the World Links

                Slavic Easter Egg Links

                Miscellaneous Links

If you know of any good pysanka resources out there on the World Wide Web that you feel should be on this list, or find a really nice web gallery of pysanky, drop a note and let me know!  Just click on the link below.

NB:  Please keep in mind that the internet is a constantly changing place, and web sites come and go with regularity.  If any of the links on these pages no longer work, please let me know (click on e-mail link below) so I can remove them.  If you know of an absolutely fantastic site that you think I should add, let me know as well.  I try to keep up-to-date, but there’s only so much one person can do.


Pysanka Links

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