Traditional Pysanky:

Pokuttia and Kholm

Покуття та Холмщина


Pokuttia is a small region located in the Carpathian mountains and foothills in the eastern part of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, between upper Prut and Cheremosh rivers. It includes the towns of Kolomyia, Kosiv, Kosmach and others.

Kholmshchyna, that part of Ukraine west of the Buh river, is now largely within Poland. It has been Polonized, its former ethnic Ukrainian residents scattered across modern-day Ukraine (and other areas of Poland), as a result of repatriation after WWII and during Operation Wisła. It includes the towns of Kholm (Chelm), Brest and Bialystok.

Покуття:  Pokuttia region

Холмщина (Підляшшя):  Kholm region (Pidliashia/Podlachia)

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