Traditional Pysanky:

Lemko, Boyko and Sloboda Regions

Лемківщина, Бойківщина, та Слобожанщина


Many ethnically Ukrainian regions have ended up either split by modern borders, or located in other countries completely.  The Kursk and Voronezh regions, in the northern part of of the Slobozhanshchyna (Sloboda) region are now a part of the Russian federation. 

The Lemky, also known in some regions as “Russyns,” had their region split between Zakarpattya in Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland. Most of the latter were repatriated or removed to other areas of Poland during “Operation Vistula.” Those in Slovakia fared better, remaining on the land and being realized as an ethnic minority, but having their Ukrainian ethnicity denied.

The Boyky inhabit the westernmost part of the Carpathians in Ukraine, an parts of Slovakia and Poland which border Ukraine. The majority of this population is within Ukraine, mostly in Zakarpattya oblast.

Бойківшина:  Boyko/Boykiv region

Лемківщина:  Lemko region (including Pryashiv/Priashiv)

Курськ (Північна Слобожанщина):  Kursk ( northern Slobozhanshchyna region /Sloboda)

Вороніж (Північна Слобожанщина):  Voronezh ( northern Slobozhanshchyna region /Sloboda)

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