By slightly tweaking the sorokoklyn, you can create interesting variants.  These are not found in traditional pysankarstvo, but can be seen in modern and Diasporan designs. The two variants below were elucidated by Jennifer Kwong; the graphics are mostly hers.

The first is the “Pinwheel” variant; Elyjiw included it with the Sorokoklyn pysanky in his book, and labeled it as “Diasporan.”  The green and red pysanky above are versions of it.  The design looks confusing, but it really isn’t.  To create it, you must first start with a simple Eight division:

Consider each of the eight sections of the egg to be a triangle, with its bottom along the equatorial line. 


1.  In each triangle, divide each side into halves.

2.  Next, divide the right side of each half into quarters, and add guidelines as shown.

3.  The red lines indicate the lines you will wax in within each section.

The result will be the division in the pysanka above.  A second variant is a curvaceous version of the previous pysanka.  It looks a bit like this:

As with the previous version, start with the Eight division, and consider each of the eight sections to be a triangle.

1.  Divide each side of each section/triangle into halves. Lightly pencil in the lines from each corner to the opposite side.

2.  Lightly draw in lines connecting the centers of the three side, as shown.

3.  The dark black lines indicate the lines you will wax in within each section.

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Note:  Illustrations © Jennifer Kwong 2016. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction prohibited without expressed consent. 


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