Pencil Lines


The first step in creating a design on your pysanka is to take the ideas you have seen in your mind, in a book, in a photo or on an egg and transfer them in pencil to your pysanka.

In this section I discuss many aspects of pencil line application:

Basics: a primer of pencil line application

Pencils: choosing the right pencil

Erasers: selecting an eraser

Ends: how to find–and mark–the top and bottom of the egg

Simple Divisions: how to create basic divisions (meridian and equatorial) on an egg

Craft Lathe: how to use a simple craft lathe to apply pencil lines

Templates: how to use various templates to draw circles or create divisions

Measuring Tape: using a measuring tape to create even divisions

Removing: how to get those excess pencil lines off of your pysanka

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Applying the Design in Pencil

Roman carefully applies a design to his pysanka