Working with Dyes


This section is about working with dyes, not using them.  If you wish to read about dyeing techniques, look in the Dyeing section.  This section is about the preparation of dyes, their storage and care; it has the following pages:

                   Mixing and Storing Dyes

                            Preparing Dyes

                            Storing Dyes

                            Containers for Dyes

                            Maintenance of Dyes

                            Straining Dyes

                            Dye Problems and Their Solutions

                            Recharging Dyes

                    Creating New Dyes

                            Creating Pastel Dyes

                            Creating Custom Colors (Color Theory)


                                    Tym’s Spot Dye Recipes

                                    My Dye Recipes

                                    EP Dye Recipes

                                    Layering Recipes

                    Preparing Natural Dyes

                            General Principles






                            Onion Skins

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The Care and Feeding of Dyes